How Do Police Deal With Stress?

It?s no secret that police officers have incredibly stressful work environments. They may see a variety of different heart-breaking tragedies and violent crimes over the course of one shift. Dealing with stress is just part of the job. It?s important for law enforcement officers to have healthy ways of dealing with stress. Adequate Exercise and […]

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It is an approach to leadership that is based on the contingency theory of leadership. This states that leaders should be trained to diagnose any situation to find out the exact solution.

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Preschool Assessment for Autism

Most children affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are not diagnosed or treated until preschool or early school age, though the first symptoms appear in the first or second year of life (Chawarska, Klin, & Volkmar, 2008).  This discrepancy between the first signs of symptoms and diagnosis is dispiriting for both practitioners and parents alike.  […]

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Emotional Disturbance and How To Identify It

Eli Bower, a pioneer in the field of early childhood education of emotionally handicapped children, wrote, “I often thought about [these] students…they did not know how to have fun, could not separate play from reality, could not attend to concepts outside of self, and were driven by impulses unchecked by reality controls” (Bower, 1990).  Like […]

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Divorced Families and the Programs That Work for Them

In 2004, most people in the United States had married only once, with 58 percent of women and 54 percent of men (U.S. Census Bureau, 2004) still betrothed to their first spouses.  Still, the ratio of divorcees to non-divorcees has more than tripled since the 1950s, and the lifetime probability of a first marriage ending […]

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