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SCREEN MEMORY (Cover Memory)

A consciously acceptable memory unwittingly used to cover or screen out an associated experience which would be painful or unacceptable

SCOTOMA (literally, “dimness of vision”)

In psychiatry, a scotoma is, figuratively, a “mental blind spot.” This usage derives from the medical term for a blind


Tests designed to appraise the abilities required for academic work, particularly in liberal arts colleges, teachers’ colleges, and engineering schools.Before


The treatment of schizophrenic reactions has undergone a drastic change in the past fifteen years. Insulin coma therapy, widely accepted


The major symptoms of this reaction type are poorly organized, internally illogical, changeable delusions, often accompanied by vivid hallucinations.Delusions of


Many cases of schizophrenia cannot be classified into the four primary types (simple, paranoid, catatonic, hebephrenic) because the symptom picture

SCHIZOID PERSONALITY (Schizo- thymic Personality)

A personality pattern disturbance characterized by shyness, introversion, and a tendency to avoid social contact and close relationships.The schizoid individual


Schilder, noted chiefly for his studies of schizophrenia and the body image, was bom in Vienna and received his medical


A sexual deviation in males consisting of an excessive or insatiable desire for gratification.The terms “excessive” and “insatiable” are difficult


Salesmanship is viewed as a form of advertising, since its object is to show that a particular product or service

RUSH, BENJAMIN (1746-1813)

Rush, the first American psychiatrist, was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton). He


A projective test which assesses patterns of reaction to typical stress situations.It is an all-too-obvious fact that frustrating experiences are


A projective technique in which responses to standard inkblots are professionally interpreted.The Rorschach test is based on the common human

ROLE PLAYING (Sociodrama)

A technique of human relations training and psychotherapy in which the individual acts out social roles of other people, or

RETICULAR FORMATION (Reticular Activating System, RAS)

A network of nerve cells deep in the middle of the brain (plate 1), extending from lower to higher centers;


A psychoanalytic term for the tendency to repeat past behavior and, more narrowly, to relive disturbing experiences.Freud viewed repetition-compulsion as

REINFORCEMENT (Reward and Punishment)

Any procedure that increases the strength of a conditioning or other learning process.The concept of reinforcement has different meanings in


Rehabilitation may be defined as the process of helping an individual who has had a physical or mental disorder to


The unconscious defense mechanism of reverting to immature behavior.When threatened with external problems or internal conflicts which they cannot cope


A form or stage of psychologial treatment in which the patient is taught—or, better, given an opportunity to learn for