Psychological effects of epilepsy

One in 26 people are diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime. It’s more common than most people think. This disorder

Psychological effects of epilepsy on children

Epilepsy is a disease that affects the nervous system. Around 750,000 children were diagnosed with epilepsy in the United States

How to live a happy life with epilepsy

Being diagnosed with epilepsy can seem like a life sentence to some people. One day, your life is just as

How to cope with epilepsy and depression

Comorbid conditions affect a wide proportion of the population. There are 3 million people living with epilepsy in the United

Parts of the Brain and Cognitive Function

The brain is a complex organ that is responsible for cognitive function. How it does this is complicated, as there

Art Therapy Activities On Feelings

Art therapists encourage clients to draw, paint or sculpt images in order to express feelings. Colors, shapes and images serve

How to Tell if You are Over-Medicated

Over-medication involves people using medications excessively or unnecessarily. Statistics compiled by the National Institutes of Health at the University of

How to Get Free Prescription Drugs or Low Cost Prescription Medication

Current economic times cause many to take lower-paying jobs. Many have also lost their jobs. These circumstances leave individuals without

How to Create a Medical Family Health Tree

A family medical history or a medical family tree is a wonderful tool that can help patients and health care

How to Know the Difference Between Rage and Anger

Is He Losing It? Is someone you know losing control? Are you in a relationship that scares you? Does your

How to Detox Your Body With Lemons

Lemon trees and lemons have been in existence since ancient Rome. However, the fruit was initially only used as decoration

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Life can be a joy, but it can also be a struggle. Most of us are victims of circumstance. When

How to Participate in Clinical Trials for Pay

Clinical trials are research studies on all new drugs or medical treatments and devices to determine their effectiveness and safety

How to Train a Seizure Alert Dog

Of all the service dog training organizations located throughout the United States, less than 20 train seizure assist dogs. Reputable

What Are The Side Effects Of Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen is often provided to reduce the workload of the heart and lungs in emergency situations. Conditions that weaken the

Social & Emotional Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to remain fit and healthy for people of all ages. The physical benefits

Where to get emotional support for epilepsy

For the millions of people who are diagnosed with epilepsy, life is far from a walk in the park. In


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1. Use or purpose of a thing. 2. Biology. Action of an organism contributing to its fitness. 3. Mathematical procedure