Online Vision Therapy Eye Exercises

Vision therapy is often recommended by vision specialists in an attempt to coordinate the communication and function between the eyes

How Phototherapy Works On Jaundice

Jaundice And Its Symptomatology With jaundice affecting over half of all newborns, phototherapy has become an integral part of most

At-home Speech Therapy Tips for Children

With a little creativity and imagination, parents can incorporate speech therapy into any number of fun activities in and around

Chelation Therapy Side Effects

Chelation therapy is a treatment used to purge the body of toxins such as calcium buildup (hypercalcemia) and heavy metal

Checklist Of Symptoms Of Bipolar In Children

Diagnosing children as having bipolar disorder presents a challenge as many of the symptoms could be normal or are similar

The Psychology Of Sports Injuries

Injuries endured by athletes have an impact on the individual's physical and mental health. The emotions and stress suffered by

The Psychology of Concentration in Sport Performers

The ability to concentrate plays a major part in an athlete's overall performance. Without knowing how to concentrate effectively, sports

The Psychology and Sociology of Sports

For many years, psychologists and sociologists have looked at the positive and negative psychological and sociological implications of sports involvement.

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports message involves techniques created to reduce discomfort and pain in specific regions of the body where stress occurs secondary

Physiotherapy Exercises At Home To Help With Baby Sitting Up

Physical milestones are some of the most fun ways to interact with your baby. As they work toward childhood, they

What are Signs of Autism in Two Year Olds?

Having a child on the autism spectrum is an increasingly common occurrence. While no one fully understands how or why

Cognitive Development Games for Infants

If you go to any bookstore, you will see a large selection of different books about how to make your

What You Should Know About Psychosis In Asperger's Syndrome

As we learn more about Asperger's Syndrome and its position on the autism spectrum, studies about the people who present

Signs Of Bipolar Disorder In Boys

Formerly known as manic depression, bipolar disorder refers to the condition characterized by extreme emotional lows and highs. The condition

Cognitive Development in 3 Year Olds

Your three-year old may have survived the emotional and cognitive challenges of the terrible twos, but their brain development is

Group Activities For Autism

One of the key challenges presented by autism is finding ways to keep people with autism involved with their families

The Emotional Effects of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is becoming a larger and larger epidemic in the United States. As this problem continues to grow, the

List Of The Cognitive Development Of Early Childhood

Developmental biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget established guidelines for the stages of child development that describe cognitive ability from birth

Art Therapy Activities On Feelings

Art therapists encourage clients to draw, paint or sculpt images in order to express feelings. Colors, shapes and images serve

List Of Emotional Feelings

Practically from birth, humans are capable of feeling a wide range of emotions from positive to negative. For instance, a