Dissociative Disorders


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Clinical trials are research studies on all new drugs or medical treatments and devices to determine their effectiveness and safety

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Examples of Psychological Tests

Medical tests are usually straightforward. A bone is broken or it isn't. Lab results are either normal or abnormal. The

What Is Emotional Unavailability?

We begin experiencing emotions early in childhood and soon learn to recognize when someone else feels happiness, anger, disappointment or

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Emotional abuse is one of the most difficult kinds of abuse to prove. This is especially true when it comes

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An emotionally unavailable person is a man or a woman who is unable to form a deep, loving attachment with

What Causes Emotional Numbness?

Emotional numbness is the inability to feel anything. People who are emotionally numb don't experience happiness, sadness, anger or even

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Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse doesn't leave visible evidence. Psychological abuse may not leave visible scars, but often causes deep

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Very few people become single parents intentionally, but when tragedy strikes in the form of divorce, illness, or accident, what

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The link between iron stores and your physical energy stores has been understood since the 1950's. Iron, the mineral that

Bipolar 1 Disorder With Psychotic Features

Bipolar 1 disorder is a mood disorder characterized by episodes of mania and episodes of depression. People experiencing a manic