with regard to social psychology, the urge to engage in a close-knit union with others, generally a union that would be rooted in things other than material advantages. Manifestation occurs in the inner drive to build affiliations with others and participate in clubs or cultural events. These connections appear to be a supply of sentimental and cognitive reassurance, without which, most people would feel detached, alone, worried, and aggravated. While some people varying the magnitude of their drive to affiliate with other people, distressing circumstances can often make the feeling of needing relationships feel even stronger- this is particularly evident when others are also encountering similar distress, likely due to being a component in a team which aides to lessen the discomfort of the circumstances. Commonly referred to as affiliation motivation.

AFFILIATIVE DRIVE: "Some people possess a great deal of affiliate drive, often being dubbed as very outgoing, social persons, whereas others do not and are more shy or introverted."
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