Birthday Cake Ideas for 2 Year Olds

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Your baby is turning 2! The second birthday is a milestone in a child?s life. The second year is a time of interactive play, and telling stories to engage a wildly active imagination. Planning a birthday party for a 2 year old an easy task. All you need is the child?s input and a creative idea. Whether you decide to order a cake, or make it yourself, the following birthday cake ideas will help you select a theme for the celebration.

Is Your Little Girl a Princess?
Little girls are captivated by stories about princesses. A princess themed birthday party will delight your little girl and her guests. The birthday cake can be the focus of the party. Decorate the cake with little princesses, and whimsical unicorns. Let your toddler help decide on the flavor of the cake, and the colors to use for the icing.

Boys Love Cars
You can create some cute cakes for little boys using a car theme. Whether you choose the car characters from the popular Disney movie, toy cars, or cars made from icing, your toddler will be impressed with a vehicle inspired birthday cake. Enhance the theme by giving out toy car party favors.

Thomas the Train
Thomas the Train and his friends never go out of style. Sheet cakes can be decorated by creating tracks using black icing, and placing plastic Thomas the Train cars on the track. Cake pans are available that are shaped like Thomas the Train. Use a photo as a guide for decorating your homemade Thomas the Train creation.

Teddy Bear Cakes
Teddy Bear themes are popular with either boys or girls. You can purchase bear shaped pans at craft stores or in the baking section of most discount stores. Use your imagination or a photograph as a guide to create a cute Teddy Bear face using icing and a cake decorating kit or icing bags.

Birthday Cupcakes
Cupcakes are popular at kid?s birthday parties and can be decorated to match any theme. Little hands can handle an individual cupcake with ease, and children love to have their own tiny cake. From ladybugs to monster faces, cupcakes are versatile and easy to work with. You can do a theme and have matching cupcakes, or personalize a cupcake for each guest.

Personalized Cake from a Photograph
Most bakeries can design cakes using photographs to create an image, and then transferring the image onto the cake. Your child will love seeing his face on his birthday cake. Bakeries can be your friend if you don?t have time to bake and decorate a toddler masterpiece. They offer a wide array of choices that will be just right for the birthday boy or girl!

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