Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Planning a birthday party for a teenage girl doesn?t have to be overwhelming. There are a ton of really great ideas for throwing fun parties. From pop culture party ideas to a girl?s favorite movie, there are endless options. No matter what size the budget is, any theme can be properly executed for a fun and memorable time.

American Idol Themed Party

This is a popular theme with teen girls. Parents can go all out by purchasing or renting a karaoke machine. Girls can take turns sitting on the judging panel too. There should be a staging area and an audience seating area. Girls will love getting ready for their big song backstage. A few curtains or sheets can easily divide a room into a front and backstage area. Handheld snacks and cupcakes are perfect for this party.

Equestrian Party

Teenage girls love horses. An equestrian party is perfect for this age group. These parties can be simple and inexpensive too. There?s no need to purchase riding lessons for an entire group of girls, but that?s okay too. The horse theme can go one of two ways. Country girls will love a western styled horse party. A distinguished young lady would love an English equestrian extravaganza. Western styled parties should include hay bales and ropes as decorations. English parties should include top hats and tea cups.

A Favorite Book or Movie Theme

Choosing a girl?s favorite movie or book is a great way to pick a party theme. Is she a huge Harry Potter fan? Go all out with a Hogwarts theme. Don?t forget the magic wands. Does she love John Hughes movies from the 80?s? Throw her a film fest party. If the favorite movie is popular, there may be a variety of decorating items available at local party stores. There is absolutely no end to Twilight-themed decorations and favors available online.

British or Parisian Theme

Teen girls are getting to that age where they love all things sophisticated. What?s more sophisticated than a British or Parisian-themed birthday party? Serve fish and chips at the British-themed party. Require all guests to use their best British accents too! Girly girls will love the Parisian theme. Eiffel towers are great for decorating. French poodles look adorable on cakes and favors. Accessorizing this party is so easy. Basic French lessons are also a fun way to kick off the party!

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