How Much Can You Lose From Colon Therapy?

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Colon therapy is also known as colon hydrotherapy or a colonic. Colon hydrotherapy is a very popular trend these days with celebrities, glitterati and it girls. The procedure is similar to an enema, where warm water irrigates your colon, helping to remove food, mucous and other buildup from your digestive tract. For many, it is believed to be a way to improve nutritional absorption, boost metabolism, clear brain fog, rebalance the intestinal flora, and, most importantly to lose weight.

Colon Hydrotherapy and Weight Loss
The amount of weight that is lost from colon hydrotherapy is believed to be twofold. First, buildup of stool and toxins is flushed from the body, which creates an initial weight loss based on the amount of backup in the digestive tract. People who have low-fiber diets or need to take morphine or morphine based painkillers due to surgery may have a large backup of stool that needs eliminating. There is a rumor that Elvis Presley, a known heroin addict, was found with over 40 pounds of stool in his bowels upon death. It is unsure whether this is true, but the effects of painkillers remain strong nonetheless.

The second effect that colonics have on weight loss is creating a more efficient way to absorb nutrients and flush waste. This can boost metabolism and make more efficient use of energy, which will burn more body fat and help with even more weight loss. This, in turn, makes people feel more energetic, and may coax them to be more active and lose even more weight.

Alternative Treatments with Similar Results
Similar to a colonic is a colon cleanse, which uses fibrous, low fat foods, herbs and fluids to try and achieve the same effect as a colonic. This is believed to be even more effective for people who have imbalances in intestinal flora, particularly an overgrowth of candida yeast. It is also based on inexpensive, fresh foods, and can be much more affordable for those who are on a limited budget.

A colon cleanse is usually a three-day to two-week diet. It often begins with a juice fast, and follows with a few days of eating mostly raw, green fruits and vegetables with no grains, proteins or fats. Laxative herbs, candida-killing supplements or other nutrients may be added to some of the smoothies or other foods during this diet to help improve the efficiency of the cleanse. Papaya enzyme is a popular choice, as it is believed to help break down impacted stool that may be clogging the intestinal lining, slowing digestion and impeding the ability for full, unimpeded nutrient absorption. Weight loss on average for this program runs from 10 to 20 pounds, though the body size and starting weight of the dieter will influence this by a lot.

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