How to Apply for Disabled Government Housing Assistance

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If you are disabled, there are a number of government resources you can use to help you to supplement your lifestyle. The exact programs that you use will depend upon your disability, whether it is temporary or permanent, and your personal history. Here is a look at some of the programs that will help disabled people with housing assistance:

Social Security
If you have a disability, then Social Security exists to give you a hand in covering your bills. They offer a monthly payout which can be used to pay for housing if you choose. To get this, go to your local social security office and apply for disability. Sometimes it helps to have a lawyer help you with your application, as many of them are rejected the first time.

Veteran Disability
Your local veteran support offices can help you get stipends if you are a disabled veteran. They can also help you to find medical care and local housing that is affordable. There are several programs that they use to do this, and the best way to figure out the right one for you is to book a meeting with your local office.

HUD Housing
The HUD has a number of different programs that people who struggle financially or with a disability can take advantage of. If you are looking for a home, there is a guide to affordable housing in your area that can be found by looking at the website. If you cannot afford any of those houses with what you currently make or with what the disability payments you have gained offer you, the HUD has a program called Section 811 housing. In this case, people who have qualified disabilities can choose any home within a certain budget. If the landlord is willing to take this kind of supplemental pay, then they fill out a form and ensure that the home has the required elements that make it up to code and safe for the tenant. From there, the HUD sends a check directly to the landlord on behalf of the tenant. It is a good deal for property owners because it's guaranteed money with no risk of rent default.

Loans for Home Purchase
Another option for disabled people is to get an HUD loan to buy a home of their own. HUD loans for people in special circumstances come with perks that can't always be gained by the average person. Things like no down payment loans and options to buy fixer uppers or foreclosures are some of the incentives for trying to apply for one of these loans. If you have access to the funds to pay the mortgage through assistance, savings, or other means, then this is a great way to go.

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