How to Apply The Baby Whisperer's Sleep Method

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The Baby Whisperer?s Sleep Method is perfect for parents who don?t want to let their babies sit in their cribs crying. This method acknowledges the baby?s need for contact and comfort during the sleep training process. It also includes steps that help busy mothers focus on themselves.

E.A.S.Y. Method

The core part of the Baby Whisperer?s Sleep Method is known as the E.A.S.Y. Method. The acronym stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep and You. This is what the Baby Whisperer?s Method is all about. When the baby is awake, he or she should be fed. Next, the baby needs to be stimulated with activity. This is the time for social activity and playing. Next, the baby should sleep. Finally, it?s time to focus on you. This is the time to relax and take care of one?s own needs. New moms really need to recharge their batteries when their babies are sleeping too. This method gives parents a great model for the first few months of a baby?s life.

Pick Up and Put Down

The process of picking up a baby and putting him or her down is also an important part of the Baby Whisperer?s Sleep Method. Many other sleep methods require parents to leave a crying baby in the crib. This is so hard for new parents. The natural urge to comfort a crying baby can be overwhelming and emotional. With the Baby Whisperer?s Sleep Method, parents can pick up and gently comfort their crying babies. They will do it in intervals too. They will pick up the baby and put him or her down as many times as it takes for the baby to calm down.

Patience and Persistence

The Baby Whisperer?s Sleep Method requires great patience and persistence. This is going to be a difficult time. It?s important to try to stay positive. It?s not uncommon to pick up and put down a baby a dozen times before he or she calms down. With consistency, the Baby Whisperer?s Sleep Method can be successful in a few nights.

Additional Considerations

It?s important to remember that babies of different ages have different needs. The Baby Whisperer?s Method is best applied to babies who are at least six months old. The E.A.S.Y Method can be applied to babies of all ages though. Many parents find it helpful to keep a sleep journal. This is a fantastic way to track progress and recognize patterns.

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