How to be a Great Christian Wife

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One of God’s greatest gifts is a life partner who shares your love, your life, and your faith. Marriage is a holy covenant between God and the married couple. Keeping God in your marriage will give you joy in the good times, and strength to carry on when times are tough.

Marriage is not easy. Sometimes the hectic pace of life can deteriorate relationships and cause couples to doubt the stability of their marriage. If you would like to keep your marriage moving in a positive direction, these simple tips can help you keep love alive, despite the daily distractions of the world we live in.

Practice Your Faith Together

Praying together is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. When you hold hands to pray as you start your day, before meals, and before going to sleep at night, you will strengthen your faith and enrich your relationship.

Attending church services and activities together is a way for couples to reconnect with God and with each other. Regular church attendance will help you meet other couples who share your beliefs. Friendships flourish when people have common values and interests. It’s important for husbands and wives to interact socially with other adults. Extending the hand of friendship to other Christian couples is a great way to build meaningful relationships while enhancing your social life.

Be a Good Listener

Communication is important in a marriage. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of arguing about trivial things, or failing to pay attention to what your partner is trying to say. If your partner is engaging you in conversation, make sure you are listening attentively to what he is saying. Don’t be defensive or elusive. Sometimes all your partner is looking for is an empathetic ear. Don’t tell him how his conversation is affecting you, or judge him for his opinion. If you are consistently kind and considerate of his feelings, he will do the same when it’s your turn to talk.

Be Loyal

A good marriage requires loyalty to your partner. Loyalty is being faithful, but true loyalty means much more than that. Be your husband’s best friend. Support his dreams, and share his worries. Take his side and don’t criticize or belittle him in the company of others. If your husband feels your dedication to him and to your marriage, you will be rewarded with a relationship that is strong, secure, and mutually satisfying.

Have Fun!

This is the best tip of all. Schedule a date night as often as possible. Dress up and go dancing, or enjoy a leisurely dinner while flirting, talking and enjoying each other’s company. Do things that keep your love alive and passion high.

There are couples who have been married for decades, who still hold hands, laugh aloud at each other’s jokes, and make eye contact in a crowd in a way that says “I love you.” God’s plan for marriage is for two people to live as one, sharing the triumphs and tragedies of life. Accept His blessing upon your marriage, and look forward to a relationship that will grow stronger with each passing year.

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