How to be a Happy Single Woman

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Romance novels are one of the best selling genres of books, and this has been true since the invention of the printing press. These books may vary in subplot, character or time, but they always have the same happy ending. The danger of this is when women begin to rely on this as the ultimate source of happiness, and spend time waiting for something that may never happen. Ironically, the way to be a happy single woman is the same way to be a happy woman in a relationship-- by loving yourself first.

A Little Perspective on Relationships
Just like being with your family, loving someone for a long period of time is not the same as liking them all of the time. Relationships don't solve your problems, they put the needs of another person into the equation, which often complicates things. Even the best relationships require considering the needs of others, and many times, putting them above your own choices you would have made if you were single. It means companionship, but it also means sacrifice. In both cases, your own happiness relies most on your perspective, and your ability to find the best in your situation.

Learning Self-Love
Self love for many is a natural thing. Many people who have had some measure of success, have found careers or other things in their lives to give them passion, and who are excited to try new things. For others who were never taught, or who never had good examples of women in their lives who believed in themselves, this can be a new and frightening thing. Self love is something that can be learned at any point in time, and requires only a commitment to yourself. It takes the same kind of dedication you would give to a boyfriend or girlfriend, simply compliment, appreciate and court yourself. Take yourself on dates to do all of your favorite things, and recognize when you are at your best.

Self Love and Lifelong Happiness
The best part of self love is that it can be lifelong. While breakups, divorce, cheating and illness can all hamper a relationship with another person, your relationship with yourself can remain stable. From this place, you are also more likely to choose good partners, due to the fact that your standards will be higher. You will believe that you are worth more than to be treated badly, and because of it you will choose better people. Your time between relationships will also be more fulfilling, because you will enjoy doing things with yourself, and not need another person to complete you. Instead, you will have achieved your goal of being a happy single woman, and if you do enter another relationship, you will increase your chance of happiness too.

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