How to be a Submissive Wife

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A submissive wife is a women who, through the contract of marriage, agrees to submit to the will of her husband when their opinions differ. Many cultures and faiths encourage submissive wives, and claim it to be the natural order and/or the will of God. This was more true a century ago than it is now, however, and with the advent of women being given the rights in many countries to hold their own jobs, own their own property and vote, it has become a rarer phenomenon. The exact nature of a submissive relationship to your husband will depend upon both of your goals. Women like congresswoman and presidential candidate Michelle Bachman are proud to be both submissive wives and career women, while other women focus instead on raising children and caring for the home.

Consider your Husband as a Parent, not a Boss
One distinction that should be made about many relationships with submissive wives is that you don't just wait for your husband to give you a job. As in parenting children, a husband to a submissive wife will delegate things to be her responsibility, such as how the children are to be raised and educated, and what to make for dinner. Other things may be brought up as suggestions, but like asking permission of a parent, he will make the final decision. The nature of this relationship is to be similar to that of a parent and child: loving but protective.

Do Your Job Well
If you choose to be a submissive wife, then do your job with as close to excellence as you can get. Commit fully to both your husband and your position and give full effort to any duties you are given. This may mean your education and career, or your home and children. Support your family in a loving and gentle way, and find ways to be happy with your lot in life. It is said the secret to happiness is deciding to be grateful for exactly what you have. If you can do that, you will be much more likely to be satisfied with your life.

Don't Fight, but Do Counsel
The hallmark of a submissive wife is that when she disagrees with her husband, he wins. As people are fallible, it's important for her to understand that just because he is in charge doesn't always make him right. History is full of examples of men who married submissive women who were, in truth, much smarter than them. These women knew when to hold their tongue when it came to hurting their husband's pride, but also when and how to help him to realize the error of his ways, and allow him the opportunity to come to a better decision.

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