How to Buy a Stroller For Big Kids


Strollers for big kids are becoming more popular with busy parents. It?s not uncommon to see five-year-old kids in strollers now. Strapping a big kid into a stroller makes a long list of errands so much easier. Big strollers are also fantastic for long days. Toddlers and even bigger kids can?t be expected to walk a few miles at a zoo or theme park. Nobody wants to carry his or her five-year-old child around a hot theme park all day either. A big kid stroller is the perfect solution for on-the-go families.

Decide on The Right Size

It?s important to figure out how big a stroller needs to be before actually shopping. Most strollers have height and weight restrictions. Some strollers are rated up to 50 pounds. Others will have height restrictions. Parents should take note of their child?s current weight and height. They should choose a stroller with room to grow. A slightly larger stroller is definitely going to be more comfortable for big kids too. This will also reduce the need to replace it within a few months.

How Rugged Should it Be?

Just like smaller strollers, big kid strollers come in a variety of different styles. Some lighter models are perfect for daily errands to the grocery store or the mall. Other big kid strollers look like they are rated to go to the Grand Canyon. The decision about how rugged a stroller should be depends upon what activities the family plans on doing. A jogging stroller is a great choice for heavy mileage. A sturdier stroller is also going to hold up to more abuse. A family can easily get away with a less expensive stroller for light use. Checking reviews online is also a great way to see how these strollers are holding up. Not every big kid stroller can handle the abuse of a week-long vacation to Disney World.

Go Shopping

Larger strollers can be purchased in stores, online or second hand. Savvy shoppers may check a variety of different outlets before purchasing a stroller. Many towns have consignment stores just for child-related items. It may be helpful to write down the desired models or sizes before leaving the house. Large department stores may not have a wide selection of larger strollers. Ultimately, busy parents are going to find the largest variety of big kid strollers online. Don?t forget to factor in shipping costs when shopping for big kid strollers online.

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