How to Buy the Best 'No Bark' Dog Training Collar at the Best Price

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If you have a dog whose incessant barking is disturbing you, your family or your neighbors, it may be time to consider a bark collar. There are a number of factors to consider when doing this, including price, safety, and effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you find the best bark collar for the price and situation.

Research- Is a Bark Collar the Answer?
Just because barking is the problem doesn't make a bark collar the only solution. A vet visit can help look for things like anxiety in your dog, and there are tips to help calm him or her that might make a bark collar unnecessary. Sometimes a dog training class can also help you to get your dog to a point where they stop barking on command. If a bark collar still looks like the right answer, then you need to choose style, brand and price.

There are a few different kinds of bark collar on the market. Shock collars, the most common, will give off an electric shock if it hears a sound over a certain decibel level. The pain of this is enough to keep some dogs from barking but not all. If your dog barks due to anxiety, the fear of shock will increase this. Some dogs will also find ways around the collar, like barking at a different pitch. A second option is a bark collar that releases a scent after a bark. This is especially effective for dogs that get easily distracted by scent, while the focused barkers may not notice.

Once you have found the style you like, it's time to look at brands. Check online pet stores and shops like Amazon and start reading reviews. Spend time reading them, because there are outliers that will raise or lower the star count but don't have reasons that pertain to you. The most helpful thing that you will find by reading reviews is a pattern of either quality or problems. You may also see details that you like about certain models that you had never considered.

The price comparison is the final part of the equation. Once you find the brand and model that you believe will suit you best, then check prices on the collar at many different stores. Check retailers that sell many things as well as pet shops. Ask about return policies if they don't work for your dog, and be certain to put tax and shipping into the equation. Finally, take any advertising with the lowest prices to your local pet store and ask if they match or beat prices. This may not only get you the lowest price, but a chance to try several models on your dog in person before buying.

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