How to Cure Anxiety with Homeopathic Remedies

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Many people seek professional help for anxiety and receive prescriptions for medications that commonly come with an undesirable array of side effects. Nevertheless, various cultures from around the world used homeopathic remedies for thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine. In lieu of the possible consequences of using conventional formulations, homeopathic options may be more appealing.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing helps interrupt fearful or anxiety-ridden thoughts as one must focus on breathing patterns. When lying down is possible, recline fully, inhale and exhale fully ten times. Carry a balloon while at work or in public. If anxiety strikes, blow up the balloon. The forceful breaths required to inflate the balloon decreases blood pressure and heart rate, which has a calming effect from the quantity of oxygen that circulates through the blood.

Sunlight and Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps diminish anxiety and depression. In addition to daily dietary intake, spending a mere 15 minutes in direct sunshine also creates a calming sensation, especially if surrounded by the beauty of nature. A casual 20 minute walk in the sun additionally decreases the stress hormone cortisol that is commonly released during anxiety or panic attacks.

Camomile Tea

Chamomile tea has long been favored for its calming and sedating effects. The plants contain flavonoids known as apigenin and luteolin, which bind to the same receptors occupied by benzodiazepine medications. Drinking three cups of chamomile tea daily or inhaling essential oils proves beneficial for people struggling with mild to moderate anxiety. A study performed by researchers form the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center involved providing participants with chamomile supplements for eight weeks. By the end of the trial, volunteers reported experiencing fewer anxiety associated symptoms.

Dietary Modifications

Alcohol, caffeine and excess sugar have all been associated with contributing to anxiety symptoms. High fat foods are not easily digestible and are often void of necessary nutrients. Diets providing insufficient quantities of vitamin B-12, magnesium and zinc are suspect of causing emotional problems. These nutrients are vital to proper neuron communication, which involves producing and releasing feel good chemicals. Going for extended periods of time without eating causes dramatic drops in blood sugar that can trigger anxiety attacks.

Lavender Aromatherapy

A study performed on women who regularly suffer from anxiety attacks indicated that each felt calmer after inhaling lavender 30 minutes before undergoing medical procedures. The aromatic essential oil can be applied to the collar bone or rubbed on each temple. A few drops might also be placed on a pillow or in warm bath water. Another study evaluating the effects of lavender revealed that individuals treated to a lavender massage experienced a drop in systolic blood pressure. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center reports that vanilla has similar effects.


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