How to Determine if a Guy Likes You

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When it comes to finding the right person, you first need to find out if someone likes you. This can be difficult, because many guys may be shy about letting you know if they are afraid of being hurt. They may be subtle about it, and may say nothing at all. However, there are a lot of ways that a guy, even a shy one, will let you know that he's really into you. The bonus with these methods is that they will help tell the difference between guys who are stringing you along vs ones that have true feelings for you.

Clue 1: Making Time
Someone who really likes you will find a way to make time for you. If they live nearby, they will be around when you need them to. Even if it's for small, mundane things, they will find a way to help you out. If they live far away, then they will make time to listen and speak to you. Someone into you will accommodate your schedule, and not force you into a small slot in theirs. They will clear their calendar for you if you really need them.

Clue 2: Listening
Someone who likes you will also be willing to listen to you. Though no one, man or woman, will ever be interested in every topic that you are interested in, they will definitely be interested in you and your welfare. They may even make time to become interested in things that are important to you. They may come watch your road races when you do the local charity 5k circuit, and learn about how your new training program dropped your time by a full minute. Or, they may take an interest in your dream of sailing around the world, and offer you books, tips, and opportunities to further that. Real listening is not to be mistaken as pretend listening, which is allowing someone to bring up a topic and then turning it to make it all about them.

Telling a Friend from Someone Interested
This is the tricky part, as a guy who is interested in you acts a lot like a really good friend. The differences can be subtle, but they can be distinguished with some practice. The easiest one is to know if the guy is interested in your type- is he gay or straight? If you don't fit the category he prefers, he's more than likely just a friend. Does he talk about being interested in other girls or ask you love advice? Again, these are friend things to do. The most likely candidates give you their time, their ear, and make it clear there is no other girl for them. Even if they don't say that you are their choice, they are acting in a way that says just that.

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