How to Earn Your Man’s Respect

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Webster's dictionary defines respect as being worthy of special regard. For a relationship to be healthy, couples should express mutual love and respect for one another. Various elements go into earning someone's respect.

Self Respect

Before anyone can hope to gain respect from another person, they must have self-respect. Men love and hold women in higher esteem if they view themselves as worthy of the honor. Women must set and maintain high standards for themselves. Refuse choices that lower your standards and remain true to yourself.

Self Preservation

Do not stop doing the things you love or sacrifice your life just because you become involved in a relationship. Stay in contact and spend time with your family and friends. Continue participating in activities and hobbies that brought you joy or helped you grow as a person. Do not change yourself, your friends, activities and likes. Do not automatically sacrifice all to please him. Keeping a certain degree of independence helps ensure that relationships stay healthy. Remember that your individuality and the qualities that make you unique are the reasons that attracted him to you in the first place. He should also be supportive of your plans and goals. Likewise the woman should do the same.

Guide His Actions

When a woman has self-respect, she does not tolerate disrespectful behavior. If your man says something inappropriate or has little respect for your time, thoughts or feelings, let him know that you do not approve. Teach him how to listen or hear what you have to say. Once he learns your boundaries and limitations, he will put forth the effort to please you if he actually cares. Often actions speak louder than words. If your body language exhibits disapproval, and he asks what is wrong, remain calm and explain the problem. However, being overly critical produces disastrous effects.

Defend Yourself

Inevitably, every relationship has turbulent times. However, when you become involved in a disagreement, defend your position when you are in the right. Never accept emotional, psychological or physical abuse. No one is perfect. However, no one deserves to be manipulated, controlled or abused. In the event that you find yourself in an abusive situation, terminate the relationship.

Honesty and Integrity

Someone has little respect for another person in whom they cannot trust. Honestly express your feelings, thoughts and personality. Be kind, generous and genuine if you expect the same in return. Keep your commitments and make sure that your actions match your words.

Give And Take

Resist the urge to put forth 100 percent of your time and energy, especially if he does not reciprocate. On the other hand, it is equally not fair for him to invest all his energy without meeting him half way.

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