How to Find Grants to Pay for Daycare

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Daycare costs are extremely expensive. The expense is especially devastating for low-income or single-income households. Some may qualify for government assistance with funds supplied by the federal branch of the government. Monies are typically delegated to each state. The first step in finding assistance requires that parents go to the Office of Childcare website where there is information concerning funding options on the Resources for Parents page.

Locate Your State

Go to the CCDF Grantee State and Territory Contacts page. The site lists contact information by state and territory that offer childcare funding. The states are listed in alphabetical order. Each entry features an address and a website. Find your state and visit the appropriate page.


Various state sites explain how parents may determine if their household is eligible for funds. In this way, families may assess their individual circumstances before going through the trouble of filling out an application. In the majority of instances, eligibility requirements include annual income. Parents must have this information readily available. The need for funding is based on where a family's income lies in relation to the poverty level. For 2015, this amount was set at $11,770 for one person. The amount increases to:

• $15,930 for two people
• $20,090 for three people
• $24,250 for four people
• $28,410 for five people
• $32,570 for six people

Assistance is available to families who are at or below these standards of poverty.

Applying for Assistance

Each state website typically provides a list of contact offices within that state. Families must contact a local office to learn more about their application processes.

Call 211

Families who cannot find the appropriate information or website listed under their state might try calling 211. There is no cost for the call. Families can also visit the website. This is a generalized information number that can link parents with the desired type of support. In some states, this information includes childcare cost assistance.

Qualifying Daycare Centers

In the majority of cases, states have stipulations concerning daycare facilities if they agree to provide funding. In general, centers must be licensed by the state or registered through the state organization that offers funding. Daycare centers on U.S. Military facilities generally qualify. In some instances, states might also pay relatives to care for a working parent's children if they submit the required documentation and registration information. The relative must be over the age of 18 and cannot be the parent's husband or wife.

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