How to Find the Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

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In the majority of cases, guys are self-confident and have no fear when desiring to approach a female that peaks their interest. Unfortunately, there are shy guys who feel extremely self-conscious when it comes to their feelings. However, if you watch closely, shy males provide many different clues that they are interested. You just have to detect the subtle signs.

Avoids Eye Contact

When they think a potential love interest does not notice, shy men will often innocently stare. But, if you catch them glancing in your direction, they often quickly look away. They may look up, down or sideways. You might also see a slight, shy smile. However, because he feels so self-conscious, he will more than likely initially avoid looking into your eyes.

Blushes Easily

As shy guys are so conscious of their feelings, they typically embarrass easily. If you stand too close or say anything to him, do not be surprised if they start blushing. In this instance, it is entirely possible that you have been on his mind. When you approach his space, he will more than likely react. When a girl he likes is within his radar, he might also fidget, check his hair, scratch his face or give off other signals that indicate he is nervous. Do not bring attention to his awkwardness, which will only serve to make him that much more embarrassed.

Stuttering and Stammering

Approach your shy guy and attempt to engage him in small talk. Watch how he acts. He may mumble, stammer and stutter while struggling to act cool, calm and collected. Other signs that he is trying not to wear his emotions on his sleeve include looking anywhere else except at you while he is talking.

Sparks Fly

When you are around him while surrounded by a group of friends, watch his reaction if you should casually touch him. If he acts like he was struck by lightening, blushes and quickly moves away, he is definitely interested. These signals merely indicate how much your touch really means.

Courage Builds

A guy may really want to have a conversation or maybe even ask you out. However, he still does not quite have the courage to face you and get your number. Instead, he may approach one of your mutual friends. When he does finally get the self-confidence to call, do not be surprised if he gives you a strange excuse for the contact. An alternative method might also include finding you on Facebook or other social site where he can send you a message. In either case, he feels safer trying to take the initiative while remaining at a distance and partially cloaked. Allow him his space until he feels more relaxed.

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