How to get Anodyne Therapy

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Anodyne therapy is a non-invasive procedure designed to improve blood circulation and reduce physical discomfort in virtually any body region using infrared light. In more than one dozen separate and independent studies, patients reportedly experienced up to 64 percent reduction in pain symptoms and more than half were able to reduce pain medication dosages or stop taking medications. Physical therapists, physicians and others having certification as an anodyne therapy provider offer treatments.

Obtaining Treatment

Medical grade anodyne therapy is only available with a prescription from a health care provider. Practitioners also typically direct patients to the physical therapy facility or clinic that offers treatment. Individuals may alternatively visit the Anodyne Therapy website, enter their current address or zip code and view a map displaying therapists within their immediate area. Consumer also have the option of purchasing personal anodyne equipment for home use online or with the assistance of certified therapists.

About Anodyne Therapy

Practitioners began using anodyne therapy during the early 1990s. The treatment involves exposure to dichroic or fluorescent lamps, LEDs or lasers that emit infrared light waves to the affected area of the body for a specific amount of time. Some therapeutic equipment consists of wearable pads containing the light-emitting bulbs. Patients desiring treatment undergo up to three 30 to 45 minute treatments weekly for periods extending to two months. Patients may then receive follow-up maintenance appointments if needed. Home-based systems must be used daily for up to three months and then as often as necessary to retain benefits.

What to Expect

Patients having undergone anodyne therapy report that the experience provides a soothing warmth to the afflicted area. Some report feeling apulsing or tingling sensation that is produced by increased blood flow to the treated area. Depending on the type and severity of the condition requiring therapy, patients may experience symptomatic relief in a few sessions while others need ongoing treatment.

Symptom Relief

Therapists recommend treatment for individuals suffering from shooting, sharp or tingling discomfort in the extremities or other muscular areas caused by an injury or a chronic medical condition. Therapy is also said to alleviate painful muscle spasms, stiffness or circulatory issues. Other added benefits of treatment include the restoration of movement, mobility and general function. Some of the many conditions where anodyne therapy may prove beneficial include:

• Bursitis or tendonitis
• Carpal or tarsal tunnel syndrome
• Chronic pain
• Chronic wounds
• Degenerative disc disorders
• Diabetic neuropathy
• Frozen joints
• Osteoarthritis
• Plantar fascitis
• Sprained or strained connective tissue or muscles

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