How to Get Help for Addiction With No Insurance

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Alcohol or drug addiction recovery is typically not easily accomplished without the assistance of qualified and licensed counselors and therapists found in rehabilitation centers. For someone not having health insurance, individuals may feel that their options of overcoming addiction are slim to none. However, there are many different options that make getting treatment possible.

State Run Facilities

State funded inpatient treatment centers and programs are free of charge to people having low incomes, living in poverty and who are not able to afford health insurance policies. The centers commonly do not have the plush or private accommodations or amenities offered by privately funded facilities. However, they are staffed by qualified professionals who provide the help that alcohol and drug abusers need.

Though the centers are funded by the state, they often vary from one to the next in terms of the type of programs offered. Anyone wanting to locate a facility operated by their state need merely visit www.state You can also visit and choose the appropriate state from the drop down menu.

Personal Loan

Anyone needing to enter an inpatient treatment center and being uninsured may consider applying for a personal loan. Perhaps a family member or friend might be interested in investing in your sobriety. Borrow against your life insurance policy or from a retirement fund. Other options include credit unions and local banking institutions. However, wherever you may successfully get a loan, ensure that you have the ability to repay the debt.

Get Treatment Now, Pay Later

Not many people living with an addiction are saving enough money to afford to enter a residential treatment center. Another option worth looking into involves treatment now, pay later plans provided through banking institutions. A bank agrees to contract a loan and pays the rehabilitation center directly. The borrower is not required to start repaying the bank until after completing treatment. Some facilities additionally provide a six-month grace period, which enables recovering addicts with sufficient time to find employment once sober. Family members may also apply for a loan under this program on behalf of a loved one. In this case, the family member is required to immediately start repaying the loan.

Sliding Scale Facilities

Certain treatment facilities are willing to help addicts find the road to recovery by offering their services based on a sliding scale. The cost of treatment is determined according to an individual's income. Once an individual completes treatment, they then are able to begin repaying the debt based on the payment plan agreed to by both the facility and the individual. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website at features a treatment center locator to find facilities offering sliding scale options. Some rehabilitation centers offer scholarship programs that pay part or all of an individual's treatment.


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