How to Get Pregnant With a Boy

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Understanding the differences between male and female sperm is the first step in getting pregnant with a boy. The recently popular Shettles Method for gender selection has given families some information and education to help them increase the chances of having the gender of their choice when getting pregnant.

The Differences Between Male and Female Sperm

Male sperm have a Y chromosome, and they are typically smaller, faster and quicker to die. The female sperm have the X chromosome, and they are bigger, slower and long lasting. Understanding these differences allows couples to manipulate conditions that may help one gender be more successful during conception.

Only Have Sex When You?re Ovulating

Women typically have a window of time when they are most fertile. Cervical mucus can nourish sperm for days before implantation. Couples should only have sex during ovulation if a boy baby is desired though. Male sperm carry the Y chromosome, and they have different characteristics than girl sperm. Since male sperm die quickly, the girl sperm will typically outlast them in the cervical mucus for a few days. If couples want a boy, they should have sex as close to ovulation as possible to give the male sperm a fighting chance.

Positions for Conceiving a Boy

Missionary position should be avoided if a baby boy is wanted. This position doesn?t allow for deep enough penetration. The sperm should be deposited as close to the cervix as possible. The alkaline mucus closest to the cervix is also good for the male sperm. Since male sperm are so fast, the closer they are deposited to the cervix the better chance they have. Rear entry positions like ?doggy style? are recommended for deep penetration.

Additional Tips

Most men know that tight underwear is bad for their sperm. What they don?t know is that it is especially bad for male sperm. Girl sperm are larger and hardier, so they are likely to outlast the boy sperm in an unfriendly environment. Switching to boxers is a great idea. Also, couples should try to orgasm together. The female orgasm will help shuffle the male sperm closer to the cervix, and it will also secrete an alkaline solution which is great for male sperm. Many women have had great success with the Shettles Method for more than one baby. Unfortunately, this plan isn?t guaranteed to work every time. Ultimately, it's important to be happy with a healthy beautiful baby.

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