How to Have a Faithful Husband

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To the unmarried, the odds of marriage vs divorce can feel like a crap shoot. Looking at the statistics as a lump, it can make many people unsure of whether they are doing the right thing. To make it worse, the problems that break up a bad marriage can be really bad. Unfaithfulness is one of the main problems that can end a marriage, and fear of this may lead you to doubt getting married at all. However, not all men cheat. Here are some things to consider when it comes to having a faithful husband.

Don't Expect to Fix or Change Anyone
Unfortunately, the key to having a faithful husband is to marry a faithful man. If you date someone who is unfaithful, he will become an unfaithful husband. Nothing you do will change someone's nature. Only your husband can do that. So, before you marry, take your time and get to know him. Is he faithful? Are his friends faithful (this can be a clue, but it is not proof of anything) to their wives and/or girlfriends? Does he flirt with others in front of you? If your boyfriend isn't making you feel like you're the only one for him, then he won't act that way as a husband.

Be Faithful in Deed and in Trust
The worst kinds of unfaithfulness are the ones that happen because they live in an environment of distrust. These become self-fulfilling prophecies, and they happen after someone gets fed up with being distrusted and falsely accused. Many of the people who are cheated on remain faithful in deed, but how many are faithful in trust? Most people don't sign up for a partner who is a martyr, sacrificing for someone who is less than themselves. They also don't like being accused of things that aren't true, and to keep having to defend themselves against false charges and suspicions. If this sounds like you, you still don't deserve to be cheated on, but you are also not creating a great environment for them to come home to. For many who are unfaithful, it starts when they no longer feel welcomed or appreciated at home. Consider the role you play in making him feel worthwhile. And don't cheat on him, either.

Openly Communicate the Big Stuff, and Let the Small Stuff Go
Finally, if you want a good marriage, faithfulness or not, figure out how to communicate. This doesn't mean airing every problem you have with your husband, but choosing your battles. This is delicate, and you can make things hard by both saying too little as well as saying too much. Draw lines around your dealbreakers, and communicate those crossings before you get mad, when you can discuss and not yell.

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