How to Have Sex During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, fluctuations in hormones may leave women in the mood for love. Everybody is different though, and not all pregnant women are thinking about sex. Understanding what?s going on in the uterus may help partners to feel more comfortable about the idea of sex during pregnancy. There are a few basic guidelines for having sex safely during pregnancy.

Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

There is good news! Sex during pregnancy is safe. Some women and men may feel apprehensive about sexual intercourse during pregnancy, but it is totally safe. There are a variety of physiological changes in the womb that protect the baby during sex. The amniotic sac protects the baby very well. In addition, there are strong muscles in the uterus. Sexual activity is likely a great way for women to increase intimacy with their partners and get a bit of a workout too! It?s important to do what feels good for the body. Women who are experiencing a lot of morning sickness may not be the best candidates for pregnancy sex though.

How to Have Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy positions should be chosen based on what feels good for expecting mothers. It may be uncomfortable for women in later stages of pregnancy to have sex in the missionary position. Many pregnant women like to turn sideways on the bed for sexual intercourse. This can be a fun time of sexual exploration for partners. There?s no need to worry about orgasms either. They are totally safe for expecting mothers.

Additional Considerations

If their pregnancies are considered high risk, women should talk to their doctors before having sex. It?s important to experiment with one?s partner to find the positions that feel the best. If there is any abnormal vaginal discharge, expecting mothers should contact their doctors. Pregnant women should remind their partners to avoid blowing air in their vaginas during oral sex. This can cause an air embolism that may be a life-threatening condition for the mother and baby. Many doctors also advise against engaging in anal sex during pregnancy, because it can complicate hemorrhoid problems and introduce bacteria into the vagina. It?s also important to avoid engaging in any risky sexual behaviors during pregnancy.

Contrary to popular belief, sex doesn?t trigger labor. It does trigger happy feelings and intimacy between couples though. A pregnant woman can still have a fun and enjoyable sex life with her partner.

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