How to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

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There are a variety of ways to increase breast milk naturally. Many women may think that they are producing more than enough milk for their babies, but it never hurts to have a little bit extra. Nursing techniques, dietary considerations and pumping can all be helpful ways to increase breast milk production. If these measures don?t work, it?s important to speak with one?s doctor about other potential options.

Nursing Techniques

Nursing efficiently is a great way to increase milk production naturally. When babies are removing milk from both breasts throughout the day, the body will produce more milk to keep up with the demand. It?s important to let the baby empty one breast before moving to the next. Mothers should also let their babies nurse as often and as long as possible. It?s also a good idea to limit the use of bottles and pacifiers. These items can cause nipple confusion in infants. If formula needs to be supplemented, many doctors and mothers recommend using a syringe or spoon for feeding.

Dietary Considerations

There are also a ton of dietary considerations that can help increase breast milk naturally. Garlic is great for increasing breast milk production. It?s easy to incorporate into one?s diet too. Oatmeal is also great for producing more milk. Oatmeal helps produce the hormone oxytocin. This chemical actually helps to stimulate milk production. Mothers should choose steel cut oats for the best possible outcome. Spinach is high in folic acid which is great for breast-feeding mothers. It may also be helpful to add garbanzo beans and other legumes to the diet. Protein sources shouldn?t be neglected. Finally, foods high in beta carotene are a great choice for nursing mothers. Sweet potatoes and carrots make great snacks.

Pumping to Increase Breast Milk

Pumping between feedings is also a great way to increase milk production. This is especially important for working mothers. It may not be possible to offer an infant the breast every few hours during the day. Women who go back to work risk a decrease in milk production. If less milk is being consumed, the body will just begin to produce less milk. Pumping frequently is a great way to tell the body to make more milk. There?s no need to buy a fancy breast pump either. There are a variety of economical choices that get the job done just as well. With a few alterations in one?s techniques and diet, breast milk production can be increased.

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