How to Induce Labor with Acupressure

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The Hands

The first step toward inducing labor with acupressure is one of the easiest to learn. Focus pressure solely on the region of your hand above the webbing between the thumb and index finger, between the two metacarpal bones. It is only necessary to do this to one hand.

How To

Pinch the webbing that connects your thumb and index finer together. While pinching slightly, move your fingers in a rotating pattern for one minute. Continue this process, taking brief intermissions, until you sense the beginning of a contraction. When a contraction starts, you can cease the rubbing and pinching. When the contraction ends however, continue again with the acupressure until another begins. Keep up with this repeated process until you are experiencing regular contractions.

Timing Contractions

Getting your uterus to contract is the easy part; getting it to keep contracting at regular intervals can prove to be difficult for many. You must time the contractions in order to know if they?re regular or not. Grab a timer, a piece of paper, and something to write with. Write down the current time when each contraction begins. A digital clock that presents hours, minutes, and seconds, is best for this job. The length of a contraction is measured from the time when a contraction starts up until it ceases. The frequency is measured by the time when one contraction starts until a subsequent contraction starts.


Another type of labor-inducing acupressure is known as San-Yin-Jiao. This method utilizes pressure points in your legs. For some women, it may be easier to have someone else perform this method if they cannot reach their ankles. This method can be performed on one leg only, or on both at the same time. Your hand should be positioned right above your ankle with your pinky finger just above the ankle bone. The San-Yin-Jiao pressure point resides on the lateral tibia, just a bit under your index finger. From there, move your thumb overtop the pressure point; thereby allowing your remaining fingers to encompass your lower leg. Apply pressure with your thumb directly onto the pressure point, which may feel sensitive in response. Start to gently move your thumb in a circular motion. Keep pressing for a while to get contractions going. Stop the circular motions when a contraction begins, and begin again after it ends.

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