How to Know if Your Friend Likes You More Than a Friend

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You may notice that your feelings have changed toward a special friend, and you want to know if they reciprocate those feelings. Maybe you feel the same, but your friend seems different. There are a number of signs that indicate what your pal is really thinking. Eventually, one or both of you are going to have to be honest about the situation.

Communication Signals

Pay attention the tone in their voice. Notice if their words are more carefully chosen or if they hesitate before they speak. Are your anecdotes and jokes now causing more laughter than before? Take note of eye contact. Do they seem lost in your eyes during conversations or are they easily distracted? If self-conscious about their feelings they might also avoid eye contact out of embarrassment. Someone who holds you in high esteem is not easily swayed from your conversation when another person approaches.

Conversation Topics

While it is not unusual for friends to openly share personal information on various subjects, a friend who discusses future family concerns or plans may be hoping to start a serious relationship. He or she may bring up the topic of past relationships in order to further explore the waters or as a subtle hint. However, if they suggest another person who might be right for you, they are more than likely comfortable with you as a friend. Also watch for signs that they are complimenting you more than usual.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If the person acts one way with a group of same-sex friends but tones it down in your presence, this is a blatant sign of respect and admiration. If things are changing, and they are shy about their feelings, they may prefer having extended conversations over the phone, through text or instant messaging. Emails or text messages displaying impeccable grammar and punctuation may be a sign that the person is trying to impress. Frequent contact means that they consider you an important part of their life. Other actions might include being more willing to do you favors or trying to show thoughtfulness? Do you seem to be spending more time together?

Body Language Cues

Someone who is interested in another person often finds ways of increasing affectionate or playful physical contact. These gestures might include anything from subtle brushes of the hand to hugs. Watch the position of their body when you are together. They may face you during conversations, which suggests that you have their undivided attention. Do they seem to be leaning closer? When the other person thinks you might not notice, they may stare at you in admiration. If you make eye contact, they may smile before looking away.


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