How to Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated

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Making your wife feel appreciated takes time and an understanding of what she needs. One theory on making someone feel loved is by Dr Gary Chapman, and talks about the five love languages. The theory says that everyone has a primary and secondary love language, which are the ways in which a person is open to receiving love. Chapman states that anyone seeking closeness with someone must learn to speak the love languages that they are willing to receive. Here is a look at these languages. If you can recognize the two that will mean the most to your wife, using those kinds of demonstrations will help you to make her feel appreciated. It's important to note that you may have different love languages than your wife, and you may be trying to use those to make her feel good. By changing your tactic, you may be surprised at how loved she feels by your effort:

Words of Affirmation
Words of affirmation are, simply put, kind words. Tell her she's beautiful. She is kind. She is a wonderful wife and/or mother. The more specific you are with your compliments, the more she will believe them. Tell her how great she is every day, many times per day. Write her notes to find in her pockets, in her bathroom drawer, or on her steering wheel. Surround her with your appreciation.

Quality Time
For those who need quality time to feel loved, the trick is to make yourself available. Make your family the same priority that work has. During the time you spend together, put away your devices and don't be distracted. Do things that you both love, or that you and the family all love.

Receiving Gifts
For women who love to receive gifts, this can be deceptively hard. Getting gifts often can be great, but it can get expensive if you give a lot of extravagant gifts. Instead, if you give thoughtful gifts that mean something to her, you can avoid going broke to make her love you. Hand-picked flowers, a card that will make her laugh, a rock that she will think is pretty, a nail polish in her favorite color, or a postcard from a favorite artist are some of the possible gifts that you can give.

Acts of Service
Those who appreciate acts of service are the ones who feel loved when you help them. If you don't already split the chores with them, consider starting now. Finish the project she's always wanted to see done. Step up and just do more.

Physical Touch
Finally, there are women who need physical touch to feel loved. This can be sex, but it doesn't have to be. Holding her hand when you go places, rubbing her back when you're close, and sitting with one another while touching are some of the ways you can help her feel loved through touch.

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