How to Obtain Free Couples Counseling

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When couples marry, they vow to remain together and support each other despite any difficult situations that lie ahead. However, most marriages occasionally hit bumpy patches that bring anger, resentment and pain, which can lead to the deterioration of the relationship. Uncovering problem areas and fine tuning the partnership by growing in communication skills, understanding and compassion for one another is often necessary for the marriage to grow and continue.

Not Entirely Free

While some couples may be able to afford professional help, others are financially restricted from this option. Nevertheless, there are various options available for getting no-cost couples counseling. However, free counseling comes with a cost. Both individuals must be determined, willing to invest the time, commit to strengthening the relationship and make the effort for any type of counseling to work successfully.

Church or Synagogue Sermons

Clergy commonly offer relationship advice from time to time in Sunday morning services in lieu of current marital and divorce statistics. By attending services together, couples may gain more insight as to the distinct gender differences and life events that often cause conflicts in relationships. The information obtained in one of these Sunday services may serve as an eye-opening revelation and a means toward making amends and improvements.

Church Counseling

Couples might also consider meeting with their pastor privately for counseling sessions. The majority of pastors are commonly willing to sit, listen to both individuals, discern the problem and offer advice as to how to make the relationship better.

Online Counseling

Some professional therapists offer free online counseling to couples. Certain sites additionally feature forums where couples may share their concerns and learn from others who might have experienced similar problems.

Marriage Seminars

Ecumenical churches often host marriage encounter seminars presented by seasoned couples that cover a variety of topics. While there is a fee for attending, the cost is usually paid by another church couple who is willing to act as a sponsor. This type of seminar generally lasts an entire weekend and often equips troubled couples with improved communication skills.

Self-Help Books

There are many different books authored by spiritual leaders and professional counselors that discuss the many topics that detrimentally affect relationships. Some books are written especially for women in an attempt to enlighten and help women better understand men. Likewise, books for men are designed for a similar purpose. Reading material can prove helpful in terms of learning new communication skills or present ideas of how to handle financial or other challenges that often give rise to conflict and disagreement.

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