How to Potty Train a Chihuahua

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Potty-training or housebreaking is an essential task that should be accomplished by every dog owner unless a dog remains outdoors in a secure and safe yard day and night. However, Chihuahuas have a nasty reputation for being stubborn and willful, which leaves many an owner frustrated and ready to declare defeat. Nevertheless, when using the right technique and by being consistent, Chihuahuas can be successfully trained regardless of age.

Where to Begin

Prior to bringing the new pet home, potential owners commonly venture forth and acquire the essentials that include food, food and water dishes, a collar and leash, grooming tools and a pet bed. A pet crate and healthy treats can also be effective tools to aid in potty-training.

Training Basics

Unless having the luxury of being at home day and night with nothing better to do than keep an eye on your new pet, confining the animal to the crate for a short period of time while busy is typically advised. Keeping the animal confined during the night is also recommended. As a general rule, dogs will not deposit a mess where they sleep. When the dog first awakens or after he or she finishes a meal, attach the leash and take the Chihuahua outdoors.

Get in the habit of using key words or phrases that the dog will associate with going outside and taking care of bodily functions. Common terminology includes “going potty” or “going pee.” When they void or defecate, offer praise and perhaps a treat. Also, look for signals that the Chihuahau may need to relieve themselves. Sniffing out locations is generally a clue. In time, once trained, the little dog will happily tell its owner by whining, barking or physically begging to go outdoors.

Be Prepared

Dog owners must also accept the fact that accidents will occur during the training process. If you witness your Chihuahua making a mess on the floor, promptly walk over to the dog, point at the spot and sternly say “no,” “bad dog” or something similar. As the little dogs are known to be emotionally delicate, a verbal reprimand generally conveys the appropriate message.

Never, physically punish a Chihuahua as the dog may suffer serious injury. The trauma might also make the animal more reluctant to train. After scolding the dog, take them outdoors to the desired location. Initially, take the Chihuahua to the same spot where they successfully accomplished the task. Through their sense of smell, they will soon identify the acceptable location. Once trained, the Chihuahua may then venture to other areas of the yard and potty.


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