How to Say I Love You in Different Ways

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Ensuring that a relationship goes the distance requires commitment and effort put forth by both people involved. Each individual obtains a sense of safety and security while feeling appreciated and loved. Saying “I love you” assures the other person of your feelings. However, repeat the phrase too often and it seems to lose emotional impact. Actions commonly speak louder than words, and there are many gestures that effectively reflect a person's true feelings for another.

Pleasant Surprises

One of the most rewarding ways of telling someone that you love them is to present them with a delightful surprise. The moment can be as small or as elaborate as desired, depending on whether the event involves a special occasion. When thinking what might make the best surprise, consider their favorite activities, locations or things. Send them flowers at work. Prepare a favorite snack food or meal and spend the evening watching a marathon of treasured movies. Get them a T-shirt or a sweatshirt with an often repeated phrase. Watch a sunset together with a bottle of wine, fruit and cheese.

Special Considerations

During day to day existence, there are many different ways to show you care. Wake up earlier than normal and prepare a breakfast feast after they might have suffered through a previous hard day at work. Take care of the household or yard chores that normally wait until the weekend. In this way, you can spend relaxing, quality time together. Think of the little things that you could do to make their day brighter or less stressful.


Compromising or giving up something that you enjoy for the benefit of your partner is an ideal way to say “I love you.” There are an abundance of ways in which couples or friends can make sacrifices for each other. Accompany him to a sporting event, or take her to a chick flick. Let him keep the old tattered shirt or the piece of furniture that you detest. Offer to clean up the kitchen after she prepares an evening meal.

The Art of Listening

People talk to one another all of the time. However, your partner may not feel like they are truly being heard. Listen for the emotion in their voice. Respect the other person's opinion and allow them to express their idea fully whether or not you agree. Nod your head, reiterate what was just said, and let them know that you are making the effort to genuinely absorb their words.

Little Displays of Affection

Making physical gestures toward your mate indicates how much you care and choose to be close to that person. Follow her into a room with your hand on the small of her back. Gently brush the hair from their face while having a conversation. Hold each others hand while out and about. Offer an unexpected peck on the cheek or lips. Smile at them from across the room.

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