How to Tell if He is Not Interested in You

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You may have recently met someone new and developed an instant attraction. Or, perhaps your feelings for a friend are growing more intense and you entertain the thought of taking the relationship further. However, you consider that he may not be as interested in you. If he puts out certain signals, you should consider moving on.


Think about whether he makes the effort to be around you. If you do not peak his interest, he will act oblivious that you exist. When a conversation does take place, he may avoid prolonged eye contact or turn his body away. On the other hand, a guy who develops an attraction seems to appear in your space more frequently, because he wants to spend time with you. He also playfully teases or becomes annoying. He might also playfully ignore you in order to gauge your response.

Lack of Conversation

Some guys are too shy or are simply not interested in communicating by emails, texts or messaging. But, as time goes by, and despite sufficient opportunities to talk, he simply chooses not to make the effort, he has no interest. Perhaps you do talk, but he continually ends the conversation. He might also become easily distracted by what is going on around him or when someone approaches. These are clear signs to start looking elsewhere.

How He Talks

There is a distinct difference in the way a man acts around and talks to a lady that peaks his interest compared to when he is with co-workers or friends. The tone of his voice changes, his body language suggests that he wants to get closer, and he acts more respectful. If he treats you no differently than anyone else, odds are you are not that important to him. He may occasionally act flirtatious, but does he act the same way with a number of other females?

Topics of Conversations

If he is a friend, consider how often he feels comfortable sharing with you which women he finds attractive. He might also not have a problem discussing previous relationships along with providing intimate details. Frequent conversations of this nature suggest that he thinks of you as nothing more than a confidant.

No Time for You

Maybe you do spend some time together. However, if he makes a habit of canceling plans and does not reschedule, he is telling you in not so many words that you are not a priority. If he wanted to spend time with you, he would make more of an effort.


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