How to Tell Someone You Love Them

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When you love someone, there is a natural desire to express that love. Loving relationships may involve family members, friends or romantic partners. In addition to bringing yourself to saying the actual words, you can also express love by performing many different kinds of physical actions.

Physical Contact

Studies indicate that the neurons receive, transmit and process messages concerning physical touch faster than the spoken word. Hugs, holding hands and kissing are all universal signs of affection that people engage in daily to express love. Affectionate contact performed in public also serves as a declaration of love for another person. A pat on the back, back rubs and foot massages are other examples of loving physical contact shared within relationships.

Gift Giving

Many people receive gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine's Day as an act of love. However, even more special are “just because” or unexpected gifts that individuals bestow on one another, which say you were in my thoughts today. The gifts need not be expensive or elaborate. Preparing a special meal, a pan of baked goods or presenting someone with a homemade craft all adequately convey the message.

Active Listening

When you love someone, listening does not merely require the words of a loved one being passively heard. You make eye contact with the speaker while taking the time to absorb their meaning. Make the effort to understand what is being said whether or not you agree with them. Effective listening requires giving the person your undivided attention and responding with a smile, nodding your head or voicing understanding.

Offer Support

Telling someone that you love them might simply involve performing a supportive act. Everyone endures hard times at one time or another. Making mistakes is human nature. Giving someone support during tough times helps them recover and move on. The type of support needed depends on the situation. Some may need a shoulder to cry on, others may need someone to listen and understand their circumstances. They may need someone to lend a helping hand.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with a loved one involves making yourself available and giving them focused attention. Some might consider quality time as sharing the day's events while seated at the dining table and enjoying an evening meal or comforting a child after they experienced a disappointment. Parents might help children with homework or teach them a skill. Couples might consider the act being able to indulge in a date night away from the kids in an effort to reconnect.


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