Motivate Employees Properly

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Happy Employees are Productive Employees

Employees can determine the success or failure of your business. A disgruntled staff creates havoc in the workplace and deficits in the profit margin. If you are responsible for employee morale, the following tips will assure employee satisfaction, staff retention, and a profitable bottom line.

Communication is Key

The number one complaint among employees is that the management team is out of touch with what really goes on in the company. Talk with your employees regularly, and make yourself available to them. A little understanding goes a long way. If a staff member has a concern or complaint, listen carefully to what they are saying, pause to reflect for a moment, and offer a well thought out response. Face to face communication is more effective than a text message or email. Never dismiss an employee as though their input doesn’t matter.

Maintain a Respectful Workplace Environment

Conflict in the workplace can lead to anger, hostility and unrest. Uphold respectful behavior by remaining calm in stressful situations. Promote fairness, and respect individual rights and differences. Provide training on how to resolve disputes in a positive way. Have an open door policy regarding complaints, and encourage input from employees if they are experiencing disrespectful behavior.

Offer Promotions and Opportunities for Advancement

No one wants to become stagnant in the work environment. Employees will flourish if they know they can accelerate their careers and achieve greater compensation for their hard work. Have a well-defined policy for promotions and opportunities for advancement.

Be Flexible

Today’s employee is looking for flexibility in the job market. Listen to employee concerns and try to accommodate varying schedules and employee availability if possible. Be understanding about doctor’s appointments, family commitments, and childcare issues.
The workplace environment is evolving. If you are willing to exercise flexibility for your employees, they will feel valued, and subsequently will be more productive and eager to meet the company’s changing needs. Flexible scheduling will also cut down on employee absenteeism and help you attract and retain key talent.

Acknowledge Employee Accomplishments

One of the greatest rewards for a job well done is a simple thank you. Take every opportunity to let your employees know that you appreciate their commitment and hard work. Design employee recognition certificates and present them at staff meetings. Distribute incentives such as gift cards, gas cards, or bonuses for employees who exceed their job requirements.
If the company budget doesn’t allow for monetary rewards, offer a half day off, or a later start time for designated days.

Whatever motivational techniques you decide to use, a positive and appreciative work environment will be your reward.

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