Physical, Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

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What do you think of when you imagine outdoor recreation? Is it camping and hiking? Are you a marathon runner? Maybe your enjoy walking in the park, or around your neighborhood with a friend. Do you like playing tennis, baseball, soccer or football? Taking a trip to the beach and running through the sand or body surfing in the waves might be your thing. Engaging in outdoor recreation is one of the best things you can do for yourself to maintain good health.

<strong>Let’s Get Physical</strong>

Outdoor recreational activities improve your health, stamina, and energy level. Whether you’re a runner, hiker, team sport enthusiast, swimmer, or just a casual walker, the physical benefits of exercising outdoors are beyond measure. Outdoor recreation can lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, ward off arthritis, and increase your endurance level. The movement and exercise involved in engaging in outdoor recreation supports good health and helps to maintain a desirable level of fitness.

<strong>That’s What Friends Are For; The Social Benefits of Outdoor Recreation</strong>

Outdoor recreation is more fun with a friend. Why not call a group of friends and arrange a touch football game in the park? Ask a neighbor to walk with you each evening after supper. Plan a beach day with the family, or sign people up to run a marathon together. Sometimes joining forces with friends and family is a great way to engage in outdoor recreation, while reaping the benefits of social interactions with people who enjoy a like interest.

<strong>The Joy of the Great Outdoors; An Emotional Boost</strong>
Are you feeling down and out? Have you battled depression? Maybe you’re just having a bad day. There is no better remedy for the blues than enjoying nature, soaking up the sun, or feeling the brisk autumn wind against your cheeks. The benefit of outdoor recreation can help you overcome the blahs. Bundle up and take a walk through the snow, or grab a towel and head to the local swimming pool. Whatever you choose will be just the right thing to help you feel better, both physically and emotionally. If you can’t muster up the motivation, call a friend!

<strong>Intellectual Stimulation is Gained from Outdoor Recreation</strong>
Studies have shown that people who engage in outdoor recreational activities sleep better, and have less anxiety. If a person is well rested, he is more creative and has improved concentration. Outdoor settings rejuvenate the mind and can help a person feel more confident and relaxed when he returns to his daily routine.
Many of the benefits and pleasures of outdoor recreation are free. Why not take advantage of nature, while improving your health and overall well-being?


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