A senile reaction occurring primarily in women, and characterized by memory impairment, a jovial mood, and confabulation.Presbyophrenic patients are active, talkative, and appear alert. They engage in meaningless activities, such as collecting useless articles or repeatedly packing and unpacking their clothing, all the while talking in a rambling manner about events in their past. When memory fails, they cheerfully fabricate details or amplify fictional material suggested by others. As the disorder progresses they lose touch with reality and exhaust themselves in talking and aimless activity. These patients sometimes become so debilitated and deteriorated that they sink to a vegetative level and pneumonia or other infections eventually put an end to their lives.The presbyophrenic type constitutes less than 10 per cent of all senile psychotics.

Cite this page: N., Sam M.S., "SENILE PSYCHOSIS (PRESBYOPHRENIC TYPE)," in, November 28, 2018, (accessed August 10, 2022).


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