Show Patriotism

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The majority of Americans feel that they are patriotic. However, American citizens have different ways of showing devotion to the United States. Gathering with family and friends, having barbecues and lighting fireworks on the 4th of July is probably the most common way that people express patriotism. Another includes commemorating Memorial Day by remembering family members, friends and community residents who lost their lives while serving during times of war. There are many different ways in which everyday people can show loyalty to the country.

Displaying the Flag

Many fly the flag on Flag Day. However, homeowners often express their love and loyalty to the U.S. by displaying the American flag outdoors on a regular basis. In order to show proper respect, citizens should learn the correct way to fly a flag. If kept outside night and day, the flag should be illuminated after sunset. The union that bears the blue background and white stars should never hang downwards. Displayed in this way is traditionally viewed as a distress signal. When hung indoors on a wall or in a window, whether horizontally or vertically, the union should be on the upper right hand side of the flag.

Support Veterans and Active-Duty Military Personnel

Small and large business owners show respect and gratitude to those that served by hiring veterans. Companies and private citizens can also show support by contributing to the National Military Families Association, the Wounded Warriors organization or the USO. If desiring to display patriotic emblems, visit, which offers a wide selection of items and packages. All of the proceeds collected from the site are given to military families. Individuals and groups might consider adopting an active-duty service member as a penpal or sending care packages to troops stationed far from home. Visit a local Veteran's Hospital or with community veterans.

Your Vote Matters

Though the vast majority of registered voters in the U.S. believe that voting is a sign of patriotism, statistics indicate that only about one-third actually get out and vote. While presidential elections attract the most attention, communities often hold elections for potential candidates desiring to represent local, county and state offices. Residents may also attend school board and city government meetings in order to express their opinions concerning various topics.

Support Local and National Parks

Local and national parks across the country offer the chance to enjoy various outdoor activities. Many also feature historic sites along with amazing natural landscape. Though locations may charge an entrance fee, the monies go to maintaining, preserving and improving the environment as needed. Whether looking for a place to spend a relaxing day, a weekend outing or a week-long vacation, local and national parks serve as ideal destinations.

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