Signs and Symptoms of Being Three Months Pregnant

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The three-month mark is a big deal for expectant mothers. This is a time when hormonal spikes are beginning to even out. Symptoms may lessen or become more predictable. The body is getting more acclimated to the developing fetus. Listed below are a variety of signs and symptoms of being three months pregnant.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Nausea is a common symptom of women who are three months pregnant. Nausea may even be the worst on the third month. By the end of this month, most women report their nausea subsiding a little bit. Most women are also bloated during this month. An increase in gas is also reported. Women may have a better handle on their nausea during this month for a variety of reasons. They may understand their bodies better at this time. They will know when to eat snacks to reduce that terrible feeling. Also, their hormones are beginning to level out. Nausea isn?t the only symptom of being three months pregnant, many women also report constipation.

Weight Gain and Bodily Changes

Fatigue is a frequently reported sign of being three months pregnant. In the third month, most women gain 7 to 9 pounds. It is possible to develop chloasma patches on the face. These patches are typically brown or yellow, and this condition is known as the mask of pregnancy. Some women will also develop a dark line that goes from the belly button to the pubic area. Skin glands are secreting more oil than normal which contributes to the pregnancy glow. In addition, increased blood flow can also be responsible for that rosy glow on the cheeks. Frequent headaches are also a sign of being three months pregnant. Women may also report the need to urinate frequently during the third month of pregnancy.

Hormonal Fluctuation Symptoms

Hormonal fluctuations are likely leveling off in the third month. This is great news for pregnant women and their partners! When hormone fluctuations begin to subside at the end of the third month, women will probably notice a reduction in gastrointestinal symptoms and mood swings. This is typically the month when a woman?s libido comes back to full force. Some pregnant women feel slight discomfort in the abdomen during orgasm. This is typically normal and subsides quickly. The three-month mark is a time of change. Many women experience these signs and symptoms in varying degrees. Ultimately, being three months pregnant is different for everybody.

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