German born psychoanalyst Wilhelm Stekel's healing perspective during which the analyzer plays an extremely proactive part when compared to traditional psychoanalysis and additionally provides even more interest to the intrapsychic disputes living in the client's existing reality as compared to investigating the early childhood years. The analyst interferes in the manner of free association in order to touch upon significant problems, stands up to the client's defenses without delay, provides guidance and urgency, and aids the client in understanding their dreams instinctively in consideration of existing outlooks and struggles. By employing these techniques, and additionally by heading off a multitude of the Freudian methods like breakdown of the transference, Stekel set out to reduce the healing strategy notably. Commonly referred to as active analysis

ACTIVE ANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: "Some patients need a more involved therapist who will practice an active analytic psychotherapy approach with them, versus spending an hour each week just letting them vent."
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