Founded in 1892 and incorporated in 1925, the APA is the major psychological organization in the United States.Its membership, now numbering about 28,000, includes most of the qualified psychologists in the country. Its purpose is to advance psychology as a science, as a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare. These objectives are furthered through annual meetings; activities in support of improved standards for psychological training and service, and the publication of psychological journals, a monthly Employment Bulletin and an annual Directory of Members. National headquarters for the APA are in Washington, D.C. Its chief governing body is the Council of Representatives, which includes representatives from affiliated state associations and its twenty-nine divisions. These divisions have their own membership requirements, officers and annual meetings, and include the following fields: General, Teaching, Experimental, Evaluation and Measurement, Physiological and Comparative, Developmental, Personality and Social, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Psychology and the Arts, Clinical, Consulting, Industrial, Educational, School, Counseling, Public Service, Military, 68 Maturity and Old Age, Society of Engineering Psychologists, Psychological Aspects of Disability, Consumer, Philosophical Psychology, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, History of Psychology, Community Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Pyschotherapy, Psychological Hypnosis and State Psychological Association Affairs. The Apa publishes the following journals: American Psychologist, containing official association papers and articles; Contemporary Psychology, containing critical reviews of books and other material; Psychological Review, containing original theoretical contributions; Journal of Abnormal Psychology; Journal of Applied Psychology; Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology; Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology; Journal of Counseling Psychology; Journal of Educational Psychology; Journal of Experimental Psychology; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Psychological Abstracts, summarizing the world’s literature on psychology and related subjects; Psychological Bulletin, containing reviews of research literature and methodology.

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