a disorder caused by progressive obliteration of the main branches of the aortic arch due to another medical condition: arteriosclerosis, aneurysm, or an undefined but related problem. Usually, few of the branches are involved, affecting blood flow to a specific local area. If the carotid or vertebral arteries are involved in this process, the brain will be affected. The patient may then experience fainting spells, seizures, temporary blindness, paralysis on one side of the body, aphasia, memory disturbances, or a combination of the aforementioned symptoms. A typical, common effect is the carotid- sinus syndrome, in which the patient faints immediately after turning the head. See also aortic stenosis- stenosis.

AORTIC ARCH SYNDROME: "A person with aortic arch syndrome has a medical problem that restricts blood flow to a specific area of the body. "
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