Colonic Hydrotherapy & Weight Loss

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Colonic Hydrotherapy is a treatment that is given by many spas and natural healers. It is similar to an enema, where water is introduced into the colon to gently ease out fecal matter. To fully cleanse the colon, a series of several sessions is needed, particularly if you have years of hardened, impacted fecal matter in the system. This treatment has a number of different benefits including clear skin, bright eyes, increased immune function and weight loss. Weight loss is one of the main things that draws many to the treatment. Here are some of the ways that colonic hydrotherapy can help promote weight loss:

Removing Malabsorption Barriers
The most basic part of colon hydrotherapy is that it removes hardened fecal matter from the walls of your colon. These plastered-on areas don't allow food or its nutrients to pass through the walls, which is a missed opportunity for the body to get the nutrients it needs. When the body isn't getting what it needs, it signals to you to bring it more nutrients in the form of more food, and will trigger more hunger pains. If your body is efficient at digesting foods, then you will be less hungry because your body is getting what it needs. Fewer calories for the same amount of nutrition to the body is one easy way to spur weight loss.

Allowing Rebalancing of Flora
One of the most common chronic conditions today is candidaisis. This is an overgrowth of the yeast, candida, in the body, which causes bloating, sluggishness, weight gain and malabsorption. By cleaning out the body, it gives more opportunity for new colonies of probiotic bacteria to return to the gut and create a healthy, absorptive environment.

Increasing Lymphatic Drainage
Just like nutrients can't pass into the intestinal walls when they are blocked by impacted fecal matter, toxins that are being held by the lymph cannot pass out of the walls. This leads to bloating and water weight gain that can't be discarded without help. Colon hydrotherapy opens the drainage channels once more, which allows your body's bloat removal system to work well, which can often allow you to drop up to ten percent of your weight in just a few days. It is one of the most dramatic weight loss benefits of the treatment. If you combine this with a detox diet, you will often find that your body will continue to lose weight quickly as toxins being held in fatty tissue will be transported, allowing the fat to melt away as well.

Uncovering Other Weight Gain Issues
A round of colon hydrotherapy can often help to uncover other issues that might be keeping you fat. For example, fatty tissue that is full of heavy metals are more likely to be lost if you lose the heavy metals, too. In this case, some home chelation therapies may be recommended as well.

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