Emotional Causes of Sinus Infections

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The ability for the body to heal itself is still vastly misunderstood. There is a strong awareness of the issue, because of placebo effect. This is the fact that a body who believes they are receiving a cure will often begin to heal, even if they are given nothing but sugar pills.

This logic can be applied from the opposite side, as the body has the power to make itself sick as well as healing itself. This is the case with many people who have sinus infections. They are carrying negative emotions that are too overwhelming for the body to have a strong immune response to invaders.

Here are some of the factors that might lead to emotionally caused sinus infections:

Chronic Stress

One of the biggest killers for the body's immune system is chronic stress. The source of the stress may be real or perceived, but either way, the same effect is found. Real stress includes traumatic events such as war, displacement of home, divorce, being a victim of abuse and other risks to health and home.

Perceived stress is the category of stress under anxiety. Though some anxiety is justified, other situations may be more about what might have happened, or acute stress about what others in social situations may be thinking of you. Though these things are stressful, they do not represent an immediate threat to health or home, and are therefore categorized as perceived.

No major difference exists between the effects of real vs perceived stress, with the exception of duration. For real stress, removing the stressor can cure the problem. For anxiety, it just moves the feeling onto a new target.

Depression or Trauma

Mental illness is another form of negative emotional state that can exacerbate physical illness. Depression is one of the most common causes of this, along with post-traumatic stress disorders. H

owever, any mental illness diagnosis that carries with it a large burden of negative emotions may also cause this problem, including bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia.

In these cases, there may need to be a combination of chemical and therapy treatments that you must go through before the emotions can lessen to the point that your sinuses will become treatable.

Negative Outlook

You do not have to be ill or anxious in order to have emotions make you ill. Some people are simply and fundamentally negative.

They are stalwart pessimists and constantly burdened by fear, anger, and even paranoia in some cases. Of all people, these are often the most difficult to treat, because they have a hard time believing that their point of view is wrong or changeable.

Without a desire to change, there is no change. Without a desire to heal, sinus infections are likely to remain.

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