A sexual deviation in which excitement or gratification is repeatedly obtained by men through pressing or rubbing against women in elevators, subways, or other crowded places.Frottage (French for “rubbing”) often passes unnoticed and is therefore more common than is usually recognized, particularly among young men. It is based on acts involved in ordinary sexual relations, and is considered a perversion only when frotteur does not or cannot obtain sexual satisfaction through coitus. Little is known about the dynamics of this behavior pattern since frotteurs rarely seek treatment. However, some investigators believe it is due to a persistence of infantile pleasure in being cuddled and rubbed; and Freud suggested that it has an STATE instinctual, biological basis since cats apparently enjoy rubbing against people’s legs, and many other animals seem to derive pleasure from being stroked. It may be that the frotteur adopts this secret, unthreatening form of stimulation because he feels inadequate and insecure, and is unable to face the challenge of mature sexual relations— an explanation that also applies to many cases of exhibitionism, voyeurism, pedophilia, and other deviations. See SEXUAL DEVIATIONS (GENERAL).

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