Good Vitamins and Minerals for Thyroid & Depression

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The thyroid is a very important organ when it comes to regulating your metabolism. However, you may not realize how important it is to a positive mental outlook as well. A low thyroid can make you feel exhausted all of the time, can cause brain fog and weight gain, and contribute to feelings of worthlessness and depression. In addition to pharmaceutical medications that can help the thyroid, there are a number of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals that can help improve thyroid function and lower depression. Here are some to consider:

Fish Oil
Fish oil has been known to be an excellent supplement for improving brain function, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving energy and metabolism. The Omega oils in the supplement are the building blocks for brain cells, and have been shown to improve neural function in general when used as a daily supplement, or when foods high in the Omega 3 oils like avacado and salmon are eaten regularly.

Vitamin D
This is the only vitamin that can be manufactured by the body. This process happens when the skin is exposed to UV light. However, for much of the country, there are many months of the year when the sun is too low in the sky to manufacture vitamin D with any regularity. Sunscreen can also block vitamin D manufacture. There are a number of autoimmune diseases that are linked to low vitamin D levels, including breast cancer and MS. Energy levels and thyroid function are improved with vitamin D exposure, or supplementation with Vitamin D3.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is a difficult nutrient to get if you are vegetarian or vegan, because it really only comes from animal sources. In these cases, the animal must be bacteria, as fermented foods like kim chi and sauerkraut are great food sources for B12 as well. Many of the best sources are also high iron foods, like red meats and shellfish. B12 is well-linked to help for depression, use of iron in the body and increased metabolism.

This is one of the most important minerals for good thyroid function. Salt was originally iodized because of the high number of people who had inflamed thyroids, called goiters. It is a trace element, but if you are missing iodine in your diet, you are likely to have severe problems with your thyroid. Sea salt is a commonly used substitute for table salt these days, and will be lower in iodine than the alternative. If you eat processed foods even once in awhile, however, there is plenty of salt and iodine to go around.

This trace mineral is linked to a healthy mindset and strong thyroid due to its role in creating proper nerve tissues. If you are pregnant, selenium is recommended for healthy nerve function in you and the baby, and will be required in higher doses.

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