How much do female models get paid to pose in Playboy and other magazines and websites?

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Much the same as any other industry, the compensation package that comes along with posing nude for Playboy or other adult media networks varies depending both on the celebrity status of the model and the work being done. A simple magazine shoot may garner WHAT while landing the cover might pay five times that much.

When someone with a large fan base like Jenna Jameson or Kim Kardashian graces the pages of Playboy or adult websites, the payout may reach into the millions. Now then, if the person doing the posing is a new model from the Midwest that most of the world has never heard of, they can expect their paycheck to include far fewer zeros. After all, while it’s proven that sex sells, celebrity status does a pretty good job of that, too.

Adult film starts like Jenna Jameson has garnered a great deal of success and attention in the industry. Jenna has gone on to develop her own fan club, titled ClubJenna, Inc., which she is CEO of, as well as producing a number of props and adult toys under her brand. It is estimated she is worth around $10 million. Jenna garners more than $350,000 for most films she performs in opposite to many male actors and lesser known females who may only make $50,000 to $100,000 per film at the height of their careers.

Throughout history, Playboy has acted as the gold bar standard of what the price of celebrity models in the buff can reach. Reaching back to 1953, Marilyn Monroe was paid just $500 for her cover shot that kicked the magazine off with its debut. To be fair, the sexpot star wasn’t yet a household name. Reality TV star, entrepreneur, fashion mogul, and model Kim Kardashian was allegedly paid just $500,000 for her Playboy shoot in 2007. The magazine is known for keeping monetary agreements pretty hush. Reports have surfaced since that the once-upon-a-time personal stylist regrets having done the shoot so early in her career, noting she would be paid much more for it now that she has become such a popular figure in the media.

Famed model Pamela Anderson’s name is almost synonymous with Playboy. She’s been in the magazine 14 times, 13 of which she graces the cover—more times than any other model in Playboy history. She’s reportedly been paid $1,000,000 or more each time. Other stars including Heidi Montag and Denise Richards have been paid as much as a million dollars for their appearances in the notorious men’s magazine. Most recently, Lindsay Lohan reportedly inked a million dollar deal with the bunny mogul.

Playboy models who earn the coveted title of Playmate of the Month earn a bonus $25,000 and those named Playmate of the Year earn another $140,000 and significant perks such as a new car. Many have also ended up living at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner himself. While the businessman in the red velvet robe has made an empire out of Playboy in the last 53 years, his legacy will live on long after him. With millions on hand to offer every budding celebrity enchantress, it’s unlikely any of Playboy’s competitors, like GQ and Maxim, will ever be able to top their offers at the rate they hand them out.

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