How to Announce a Pregnancy to your Husband Creatively

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Pregnancy is an exciting time. Whether you have been trying for some time or a pregnancy comes out of the blue, one of the most fun things you can do is announce to your husband that your family is expanding. This can be done in big, spectacular ways, or in subtle ways. Here are a few fun ways to try it:

Involve Other Kids
If this isn't your first baby, get your youngest non-fetus a new shirt that says big brother or big sister. Teach him or her (if they don't know) to say "surprise!" Or, better yet, have them wear clothes that say this until your husband notices. If this is too subtle, then get everyone new clothes to try on, stating that there will be a new baby in some fun and clever way. Finally, open your new shirt that says baby on board.

Make a Playlist
Give a playlist to your husband that has the word Baby in the title of every song. Promise him a life changing surprise when he can guess the theme of your playlist. If he's not big into music, start subtle, and move up to songs that are all about fathers and their children. Not sure which songs work? Country music has a ton.

Get a Stethoscope
If you are further along in your pregnancy, get a stethoscope. You can borrow one sometimes from a medical supply place or a friend who is in the medical profession, or you can purchase one that you can use throughout your pregnancy to hear baby boy or baby girl whenever you want. Use it to find the heartbeat of your baby, so you know exactly where it is. Then ask your husband to listen to your stomach make a really funny noise. Let him hear your heartbeat (it will be much slower) so he can rule it out. Wait for him to connect the dots as to what the "funny noise" represents.

Spring the News Unexpectedly
The internet is full of different gifts that can help to announce pregnancy. This includes coffee mugs that have messages inside announcing fatherhood. If you don't want to buy something, however, you can find other ways. Take family photos holding up signs, but switch yours out for one announcing your due date. Change his ring tone to a crying baby, and title the tone "Coming May 2016" or whenever the little peanut is due. Send him on a scavenger hunt all over town, picking up prepaid items and getting the next errand. Choose things like pickles and ice cream at the grocery and other subtle things to comfort an ailing mom. End with some baby clothes and a congratulations card.

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