How to be a Better Husband and Father

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Of all the things that can define you as a man, one of the most important ones is the kind of husband and father you are to your family. No matter whether you are a CEO or a plumber, one of the longest lasting achievements you can have is to be a good caretaker and role model for your family. The love, compassion, work ethic and positive attitude you share with your kids will not only help them see the world the same way, it can help to pass that same way of life down to many more generations of your family. Here are some of the ways to be a better husband and father:

Give Time
Of all the things you can give to your family, time is the most important one. It doesn't have to be time doing anything special, just being together. Making sure your children know that there is always time that belongs to them will go a long way in ensuring that they are self confident as well as knowing that they can count on you and will. For your wife, the gift of time with you is one of the least expensive and yet most precious things that you can give her. No grand gestures are necessary with time, simply a willingness to do what your family loves with them, and to laugh and share together.

Love them for their Differences
It's easy to love people for what is the same about you and them, and an altogether harder thing to love them for their differences. If your child is an artist and you are a down to earth engineer, take the time to learn why that gives them passion, and encourage them to lead a life that they love. Rich or poor, a life with love and passion will always be happier, even when it is harder, if that is the kind of person they are. As for your spouse, don't let the ways that you differ from one another be a wedge, but the thing that makes them most interesting to you. The fact that people don't see eye to eye on everything simply shows the variability that the world has. Enjoy that you don't have to date yourself.

Be a Good Example
If you want to be a good parent to your kids, then be a good example on how to live a great life. This may mean making time for family amid a busy work schedule for some, and for others it may mean holding to your moral and ethical compass among others who may not feel the same. Finding compassion for different points of view, and following your heart are all great ways to be someone to look up to. Whatever ways to choose, show that to your kids as well as the world.

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